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Andy Emert

Andy grew up in Salem, Oregon and started playing fiddle as a child.  He heard his first “real” fiddling in Decora, Iowa as a tourist visiting his grandparents and wanted to learn the instrument because the fiddle carries the melody. He regularly went to jams in the Willamette valley to learn from the good players. He attributes his love for all things fiddling because he believes the fiddle is the most enjoyable to play of all the instruments.

He spent countless hours playing fiddle tunes with members of the Oregon Fiddle community. Andy listened to fiddling greats like Benny Thomasson and Dick Barret at Weiser, Idaho and tried to emulate the feel of the tunes while enjoying recordings of Vassar Clemons and Joe Venuti and was always on the lookout for other tunes. While in Portland Andy spent time with swing fiddler, Bus Boyk and built up his swing fiddle repertoire. Studying with living fiddle players is very important to Andy. Andy learned to play guitar and mandolin to accompany friends and regularly competes in fiddle contests in the Pacific Northwest and plays fiddle in bluegrass bands all over the West.